Swingin' hot pizza
Swingin' hot pizza

“SWINGIN’ HOT!” cried the chef as he deftly removed a loaded peel from the wood-fired oven. Everyone stopped and watched as the peel rotated, wafting sublime aromas, before the delicious stone-baked pizza was slipped onto a waiting plate.



Swingin' Hot Pizza - bringing authentic wood fired pizzas to your event, hand-made and cooked fresh to order.  Using quality ingredients to create mouth-watering pizzas topped the way you like them.  Stone baked in a traditional brick and clay oven at over 400oC, ready to enjoy in under 2 minutes.

Give us a call to discuss how we can bring a memorable food experience to your event - 07400 566321

" Best pizza I've had in England" - Italian camper at Alpine Grove Touring Park, 

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